Is 2019 the year you replace your old air conditioner with an energy efficient air source heat pump? Or maybe you are thinking about updating your refrigerator or freezer with a new Energy Star unit. Not only can you save money by going to more energy efficient models, you may also qualify for rebates through Brown County REA.

Look for the Energy Star label when purchasing appliances to qualify for rebates. energystar.gif

Purchase an Energy Star full-size refrigerator or freezer and recycle the replaced unit to qualify for a $75 rebate.  One appliance rebate per member per year. Not valid on dorm-size appliances. Submit proof of purchase, Energy Star certification, found in the bottom right hand corner of the yellow energy guide tag, and proof of recycling the replaced unit to receive the rebate. You can receive a $25 rebate for the purchase of a new Energy Star clothes dryer or dehumidifier.

Purchase an Energy Star or DLC certified LED yard light fixture, 50 to 100 watt, and qualify for a $30 rebate. Limit one per member.

All rebates for amounts less than $100 will be paid as a credit on your electric bill.

Rebates are also available for high efficiency air source heat pumps when installed and placed on the co-op’s load control program:

  • Air Source Heat Pump - 14.5 SEER $580
  • Air Source Heat Pump – 15 SEER $680
  • Air Source Heat Pump – 16 SEER & higher $730

Figure in up to 300 percent efficiency to help make the decision an easy one.

Installing a new Geothermal Heat Pump, qualifies for a $2,000 rebate. Place it on load control with whole house storage or non-electric backup heat and receive an additional $50 rebate. A replacement Geothermal unit qualifies for a $1,000 rebate. Residential electric thermal storage heat may qualifiy for a rebate when placed and left on true storage control (7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily, overnight recharge).

No ductwork in your home? No problem. Install a ductless mini split heat pump which heats and cools your home.  If electricity is your home’s primary heat source, you qualify for a $500 rebate; pair with delivered fuel heating system to earn a $300 rebate. Members who install or upgrade existing HVAC systems equipped with an Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) can receive a $25 rebate. Upgrade to a WiFi/smart thermostat for your heating and cooling equipment and receive a $25 rebate. Please provide invoice and AHRI certificate for HVAC rebates.

Energy efficient retrofit lighting projects, electric forklifts, robotic milking systems, heating ventilation and cooling, compressed air efficiency evaluation, and other custom electrical applications may qualify for commercial rebates as well. Please call or stop by the office to learn more.

2019 Appliance Rebate Form

2019 Heating & Cooling Rebate Form