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Programs & Services

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Members can expect many more services

As a member of BCREA Cooperative you can expect reliable electrical service at cost effective rates. You can also receive certain extras at no charge. If you have a complaint or suggestion we want to hear it.

BCREA has various programs to bring you the lowest cost electricity. If you participate in our load management programs you can heat with some of the lowest priced electricity in the state. Load management programs with special rates include:

  • Water Heating
  • Dual Fuel Space Heating
  • Storage Space Heating
  • Backup Conservation
  • Irrigation
  • Cycled Air

BCREA offers rebates to help with the installation of electric heating equipment. Call our Member Service Department for the latest rebates available.

BCREA will install and maintain a high efficiency water heater for our members at a very reasonable cost. These water heaters are controlled during peak times to keep our rates as low as possible. If you need a new water heater or a replacement of an old water heater call our Member Service Department. Energy experts are available and will be happy to help you plan any electrical use you have in mind.

Brown County REA has a Member Advisory Council that meets four times annually to discuss some of the questions and concerns of the membership. The council consists of three members and spouses from each of the nine director districts.

A monthly newsletter or publication is sent to each member every month. Brown County REA has two special pages in the paper to keep you informed of your Cooperative activities.

Each year BCREA sponsors a tour to Coal Creek Station, the power plant that generates much of the energy used by BCREA members. The tour also includes the mine that supplies coal for the power plant and a hydropower plant on the Missouri River. This trip has been limited to BCREA members serving on the Member Advisory Council.

Meter testing and energy use analysis are offered to all members. Plug-in meters to test appliance use are available, along with help in analyzing the results of the test.